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Posted on 23 May 2012 by FrancoFolies
Celebrating their 24th edition,Les FrancoFolies de Montréal return with the ultimate crowd-pleasing format: “An Event Every Night!” And to make sure that the party starts on the right note, theGrand spectacle d’ouverture Ford (Grand Opening Concert) kicks off the festival on June 7 at 6 p.m. when the new Ford Stage (now on Ste. Catherine, facing the PdA square) welcomes Les Revenants, Dionysos, Daran and Pierre Lapointe and his musiciansL’Espace Loto-Québec, in collaboration with Solotech, then hostsnine concert-events in the Spectacles Loto-Québec series, starring artists de chez nous and from throughout the francosphere. Get ready for a parade of musical brilliance every evening at 9 p.m. on the main stage of the Place des Festivals:Diane Tell and her guestsGroovy AardvarkKaïnCollectif MétisséBratsch,Robert CharleboisPlume LatraverseLoco Locass and Malajube. Yes, Les FrancoFolies, presented in collaboration with Ford of Canada, once again confirm their reputation for launching a Montreal summer with the perfect soundtrack, from Thursday, June 7 to Saturday, June 16!

Grand spectacle d’ouverture Ford: Les Revenants, Dionysos,

Daran, Pierre Lapointe and his musicians
Grand Opening Concert on Ford Stage, facing Place des Arts

What happens when you match up the folk-rock-country-psychedelia of Les Revenants, the ultra-powerful Franco-rock of Dionysos, the undeniable artistry of Daran and the poetic, vibrant Pierre Lapointe helming his most authentically rocking show? A corrosive cavalcade of guitars, melodies and inspiration in over four hours of rock, that’s what, served up on a musical bedrock to make listeners shiver with pleasure: it’s more than a show, it’s quite simply an incomparable musical event-especially when it’s the only performance of the day on the site! Thursday, June 7. Exclusively at 6 p.m.!

Les Spectacles Loto-Québec

L’Espace Loto-Québec in collaboration with Solotech

Diane Tell and guests

A longtime resident of the Basque coast pursuing her career in France, Diane Tell is increasingly present here… to our unmitigated pleasure! Returning after her sold-out show during MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, Diane Tell invites us to a major rendezvous under the stars with her special friends Marie-Pierre Arthur,AnodajayOlaf Hund and Serge Fortin. What a night! Friday, June 8.

Groovy Aardvark

Surprise! It’s almost too good to be true: seven years after their unforgettable three-hour-plus farewell concert in Métropolis, the legendary alternative rockosaurus band from Longueuil rides again at the Francos to mark their 25th anniversary! So, what can we expect from this open-air exultation from Vincent Peake and his blaring brothers in arms? Sound, fury and three dozen classics, including their mind-blowing version of P’tit bonheur de Félix. With only one other show planned, for the FME in September, it’s the utterly unexpected, exciting return of a group we thought was gone forever! Saturday, June 9.

Kaïn Celebrates 10 Years

They’ve spent ten years racking up hits, storming stages and collecting awards, like Group of the Year at the

2006 ADISQ Gala… and the Francos are the perfect setting for a celebration! And the 4 kompanions of Kaïn know just what it takes: a festive spirit, contagious energy, top-flight guests (Marc DéryBourbon Gautier andSébastien Plante of the Respectables), hits including Parle-moi d’toiEmbarque ma belle,MexicoL’amour du jour … and a new album, Le vrai mondeSunday, June 10.

Collectif Métissé

If the Compagnie Créole had been formed in 2012, they’d be called Collectif Métissé! Their specialty? Setting fire to every dancefloor! This multi-national multi-coloured collective shakes out a fluorescent green / hot pink musical cocktail pumped up with hot-hot-hot rhythms, joie de vivre and wild hits, including Sexy Lady. It’s simple: sashay, smile, and sip a margarita under the tropical sun… while we await a new album due soon! Monday, June 11.

Grande fête multiculturelle Hydro-Québec: Bratsch, Urban Bratsch

These five French fellows with their deep Romany souls channel the wayfaring folklore of central Europe as if they’d been born in a gypsy camp. It’s already been 20 years since Bratsch raised the roof and thrilled the crowd at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal. Now, Dan Gharibian, Bruno Girard, Théo Girard, Nano Peylet and François Castiello bring their global melodies to us, presenting their latest CD, Urban Bratsch, a multi-coloured musical gem crafted at the crossroads of cultures. Tuesday, June 12.

Grande soirée Bell with Robert Charlebois

Everyone knows his incredible story: bursting out of a boîte à chansons, he absorbed a shot of California flower power before mounting the epochal Osstidcho, an event we’re still talking about 45 years later. In his epic transcendental journey, he’s given us classics-Lindberg, Entre deux joints,ConceptionAdieu Alouette, Rio-that defined a culture. Today, Tout va bien for this gars ben ordinaire-that is, Québec icon-an eternally influential figure who returns two years after offering us the excellent spectacle Avec tambour ni trompette to celebrate his 50th year (!) in showbiz with a 10-piece band! An absolute, undeniable must-see super-event! Wednesday, June 13.

Plume Latraverse: All dressed, 30 Years of “Mauvais Compagnons”

After transforming the Métropolis into a gigantic karaoke club at the 2010 Francos-twice-the inimitable Plume now promises to shake the flagstones of the Place des Festivals. Accompanied as always by his legendary and loyal band of “mauvais compagnons”, our favourite live wire digs in with as ravenous an appetite as ever, serving up his salty and delectable repertoire. It’s Plume, All Dressed… Thursday, June 14.

L’Événement spécial SiriusXM: Loco Locass

This time, it’s on! Biz, Chafiik and Batlam finally have the pleasure of unveiling their new album, expected June 12, their first in 8 years. Released as an aural hors d’oeuvre, a first single entitled [WI] attests that the trio hasn’t lost a sliver of its verve or edge. Following on the heels of the mega Loco Locass blowout in Métropolis last year, this outdoor show promises to be a heck of a party, with an extra special bonus for fans: a handful of future hit singles! Friday, June 15.

Closing Event with Malajube

Big nights, big shows? They’re no strangers to Malajube. Who can forget their concert for the 20th anniversary of the Francos in 2008, or the unique concept show Cubes rubiques in 2010? Or the surprise concert delivered last year… And now, add another to the list, with the brilliant band taking the Francos stage to deliver… well, what, exactly? All we know is, if the trend continues, we can expect the unexpected, the wholly original, the best Québécois rock has to offer. Saturday, June 16.

It’s a date! The 24th edition of the FrancoFolies de Montréal, from Thursday, June 7 to Saturday, June 16, 2012.


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